Who we are

The Pratic Hair Professional founded in Brasilia in October 2010 by the Adelante dos Santos Silva hairdresser had the objective of developing quality products that the market did not meet. In May 2011, with the partnership of Pratic Hair and Mix Belle represented by Marli Fernandes Lago allied the Professional to the Technical Area of Cosmetology and the demand of the products of the brand Pratic Hair and the work done hand in hand with the salons of Beauty of the States of Brazil.

PRATIC HAIR Cosmetics has been in the Brazilian market for the past 7 years and in 2 years in 6 countries in the United Arab Emirates, and in 2016 started an audacious project that is the own manufacture of its products Bringing what there is the best in the world of beauty for its salon, with formulas and imported raw materials and developed in specialized laboratories elaborating products of the highest quality.

When the goal is to combine quality, modernity and product sophistication, Pratic Hair offers the best in the market. Taking into account that today is one of the most promising markets in the world Pratic Hair is visionary and we demonstrate a holistic vision for this innovation, which the globalized and digital market allows us to present a new project to the beauty professionals.


Acting in the national market with quality and technology, anticipating the trends of the sector so that the beauty professional always has available PRATIC HAIR PROFESSIONAL products as their best option, boosting sales of partners Distributors.


From the continuous improvement of all processes, to develop and produce products of the highest quality destined to professionals who excel in beauty and hair health.


The business principles of PRATIC HAIR PROFESSIONAL are summarized in professionalism and ethics, applied throughout the Organization and that establish clear guidelines for all coloaboradores and partners Distributors.


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